Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Comparison - Goal Scoring

Comparison – Goal scorers
Sometimes, there is a gossip in the air that I scored more goals only because I received more passes. It is a misconception. The following comparative statement should set the record straight.
London Olympics 48
31 Jul 48 – Sat - against Austria at Sadbury = 8-0
Jansen-4, Babu-2, Kishan-1 &
(CF Rodrigues-1)-----
04 Aug –Wed – against Argentina at Park Royal = 9-1
Jansen-2, Kishan-1
(CF Balbir-6)------
06 Aug – Fri – against Spain at Chiswick 2-0
Tarlochan-1, Babu-1 &
(CF Nandy-0)------
09 Aug Mon – against Holland at Wembley = 2-1
Babu-1 &
(CF Glacken-1)-----
12 Aug Thu – against Great Britain at Wembley =4-0
Tarlochan-1 in 50th minute, Jansen-1 in 63rd minute &
(CF Balbir-2 in 7th and 15th minutes)-----
1. India played 5 matches and tried four centre-forwards.
2. Three centre forwards played a match each on 31st Jul, 6th Aug & 9th Aug and scored only 2 of the 12 goals scored by the team in three matches.
3. In the same team, the fourth centre forward played two matches on 4th Aug & 12th Aug and scored 8 of the 13 goals scored by the team in two matches.
Helsinki Olympics 52
17 Jul 52 – Against Austria = 4-0
Raghbir-1 in 32nd minute, Gentle-1 in 39th minute, Babu-1 in 55th minute &
(CF Balbir-1 in 57th minute)
Against Great Britain= 3-1
(CF Balbir-3 in 1st, 14th & 26th minutes)
Against Holland= 6-1
Babu-1 in 25th minute &
(CF Balbir in 5th, 9th, 33rd, 45th & 65th minutes)
1. Most goals scored by a player in the Olympic final and the semi-final.
2. Five of six goals in the final and eight of nine goals in the semifinal and the final together are probably two Olympic Records since Helsinki Olympics-1952.

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