Friday, October 26, 2012


  1. India appoints new IOA(IndianOlympicAssociation) president AbhayChauthala. Y not any sportsperson who has firsthand experience? I don't think sports men lack the leadership quality ... otherwise they would not have been able to achieve wht they did over their lifetime ... If a sportsman has been able to receive honors and awards while being in the game ...why not return it back to the game by leading the organisation rather than leaving it to politico's who don't have any slightest of the idea of the pain and sacrifice a sports man goes thru, esp in country like India where no one speaks of any other sports other than Cricket except the once in 4 years summer Olympics ... where we always get disappointed by our players performances despite spending a huge budget which is set aside every year in the union budget ....

    Just Asking ....

  2. Hello Sir. My grandpa was your team-mate during your days at Sikh National College, Lahore. His name is UJAGAR SINGH (Ludhiana). We've heard a lot about you from him. It seems that he misses you a lot. I wish if he can see you or talk to you in near future. He'll feel great.